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Mariska Van Lissum

Once Upon a Time 

in a world where the magic of the circus intertwined with the artistry of the performers,There was a  unique  lady. Mariska was her name.


Mariska's journey held a unique twist as she hailed from a circus family. 

From her earliest days, she reveled in the vibrant atmosphere of the troupe, growing up surrounded by juggling uncles and dazzling aunts whose breathtaking trapeze acts painted the skies with awe-inspiring beauty.

Within the captivating realm of the circus, thoughts of glitter and glamour instantly emerged, and none embodied these qualities more than Circus Johny.

It was a spectacle of wonder and enchantment, where dreams and reality fused seamlessly. During the precious breaks between their spectacular performances, the aunts took it upon themselves to add even more allure to the circus. They meticulously mended circus clothes and sketched new designs for dresses, corsets, and tutus. Every spare moment was devoted to crafting intricate costumes that exuded charm and elegance.

In the world under the big top, a symphony of sewing needles wove together a tapestry of shimmering artistry. Each pearl, rhinestone, and sequin was carefully hand-stitched, adding a touch of magic to the costumes' intricate designs.

And so, amid the whimsical world of the circus, Mariska's heart swelled with admiration for the tireless efforts of her aunts and their dedication to creating an extraordinary spectacle. The allure of glitter and glamour was not just an external show, but a reflection of the passion and artistry that lay within the hearts of the circus performers.

Little M in the Circus from her grandmother Circus Jhony
Little M 
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