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Moreover, the craftsmanship involved in creating these jackets adds to their value. The dedication and time invested in each piece make them more than just clothing; they are a testament to the artisan's commitment to their craft. For those who appreciate the combination of fashion and art, handmade, hand-painted jackets offer a unique avenue for self-expression and style.

You wanna feel like a Rockstar 

Be a Rockstar

My new design is one of a kind. Spend days and hours to finisch it  

Love the result. 

Hand painted bejewelled by Mariska Van Lissum. 

Piece unique. 



SKU: 496
1.699,00 €Price
  • All our jewellery are leads, nickel and cadmium free 


    • Jewellery doesn't like the swimmingpool or hot tub
    • Beads don't like perfume, make up and hairspray
    • While sunbathing leave your jewellery at home or in your bag
    • Jewellery don't like the shower or bath 

    Thank you



    Dry cleaning 

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